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OEM Certified Collision Shop

Why Choose A Certified Collision Shop?
It’s simple. SAFE REPAIRS!!! All body shops are not created equal. For your safety and the safety of your vehicle, it is essential to choose the right body shop and get a Certified Repair.

- South Pointe Collision and Glass is part of a Certified Collision care network for multiple brands and work diligently to properly repair your vehicle as per the manufacturer’s specifications.We employ properly trained, competent technicians, we follow the manufacturer’s recommended repair procedures, use the proper tools and equipment, and operate in an ethical manner by completing all required safety scans and calibrations. This makes a big difference in how your car is repaired, but mainly it also impacts how safe you’ll feel on the road.

Advanced Driver Assistance: (ADAS)
More and more, drivers are recognizing the value in having vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), like blind spot monitoring (BSM), forward collision warning (FCW) and lane keeping assist (LKA). While many of these technologies are rapidly being offered in newer vehicles, many drivers are unaware of the safety limitations of the systems in their vehicles and having them properly repaired and calibrated after repairs to ensure there properly functioning is essential.

Lack of understanding or confusion about the proper function of these ADAS technologies can lead to misuse or overreliance on the technology, which could result in a deadly crash. South Pointe Collision and Glass has properly trained technicians that understand these systems and we ensure that they are properly calibrated and functioning for your safety.

All repairs come with a Lifetime Warranty*

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